Compliance is Key to Efficiency

Phoenix Transport is committed to identifying CoR risk, assessing risk, the impact that risk has on its activities and implementing controls of the risk. Phoenix takes into consideration the role of the company its employees, contractors and supply chain partners who have control or influence over a transport task.

Phoenix Transport is committed to managing the Chain of Responsibility risks.

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and associated legislation, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) imposes legal liability on all those in the supply chain who have responsibility for transport associated tasks.

Phoenix is aware of its responsibility under the Heavy Vehicle national law where extended liability applies. Any party who has control in the supply chain, can be held responsible and may be legally liable.

Our objective is to eliminate, where reasonably practicable, all CoR-related risks throughout our organisation.

To achieve our policy commitments Phoenix Transport has implemented a risk management based CoR management System which includes the management of CoR risks of mass, dimension, load restraint, fatigue and speed, equipment and associated work health and safety risks.

Phoenix has become a signatory of the Retail Logistics Supply Chain code of practice. Phoenix was audited by the Australian Logistics Council to verify that it meets the requirements of the code. A high level of compliance was demonstrated.

Phoenix can confidently provide to its supply chain partners a demonstration that CoR risk is managed.

When considering your next transport service providers ask the question……

How well do they manage CoR risk to help protect you from extended liability?

Phoenix can do this for you!

For more information please do not hesitate contacting our office or please drop in. We invite all clients to view our premises at a convenient time which enables us to showcase our facilities.



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